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Well, instead of asking why so many chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, general managers and the like, no matter what sector or industry,  have a conservative lean concerning personal values, we should ask why so many conservatives are inclined to occupy these high level positions. The answer according to a study : typecasting

Neil Gross and Ethan Fosse have undertaken a study to shed a light on why every job, every profession, and I should say every position, attract one person or another depending on his or her political lean. For instance, if you are a priest, your chances to lean on the liberal (social-democrat in Europe)  political side are low, but if you are professor and a researcher at the university, you'll be probably at odds with Reagan and Bush Sr. adorers.

One surprising fact in this research is that occupations for those with liberal beliefs tend to be creative or social: authors, artists, journalists, social scientists, social workers, bartenders and so forth. But, how about the jobs that conservatives like? It seems to me that the bulk of these occupations relate to functions of control and command, routines and, perhaps, religion:  building constructors, law enforcement officers, natural scientists (see the graphic. Being not academic,  does it mean creationists?), graders and sorters...

Why this happens? According to these researchers the answer is typecasting. The type of occupational reputation affect people’s career aspirations. Political lean, as well as the social frame, increases or diminish the chances to feel comfortable in a job whose duties are against your values. For instance if you have to exert authority a few times in your job, if your decisions force others to do things otherwise they won't do, probably you're not a liberal: a person who allegedly has a special sensibility with topics such as abjection or manipulation of others at work. This doesn't mean that there are no liberals working as CEOs, CFOs, managers and the like. However, this would explain why so few liberals tend to occupy these positions. Those liberals working as, say, chairmen/women of the board are probably in contradiction with their values, or perhaps their ambitions of power and status have created a cognitive dissonance.

Of course you may be a conservative at heart, honest in your beliefs and behavior, but it seems to me that such a person would tend to think of authority over others as another part of everyday life at work. Even if this harms some people's legitimate ambitions, expectations, etc. at work on behalf of the company, efficiency or the profits.

I'm not sure if I buy this research. Its conclusions are just probabilities and nobody likes to talk about stereotyping on people -although to many think and act according to them. Generalization means errors so many times... Whoever,  stereotypes sometimes  helps.

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